Carolina Sports Massage | Adrienne Blackwood
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Adrienne Blackwood

Hi, I’m Adrienne and LMBT #9555! I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2004. I grew up in Western New York, and moved to Charlotte in February 2010.

Upon moving to Charlotte, I soon became aware of the highly active community and the large demographic of all levels of athletes. This gave me the desire to be dedicated to assisting those individuals in performance and injury recovery. After sharing similar ideas with my fellow therapist and friend Michael Blanchard, we were then inspired to open Carolina Sports Massage. I throughly enjoy what I do, and am confident it comes across in my bodywork and interaction with my clients. My education is always continuing with various classes and research on a regular basis. As an athlete, I also relate to the ups and downs of training. I look forward to helping you accomplish your goals!