Carolina Sports Massage | FAQ
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Q: What do I wear (or not wear)?
As professional therapists, we will give you a proper guidance beforehand, based on what areas we will need to access during the session. Most of our clients opt to undress completely, but are always covered with sheets respectfully. If you do decide to wear underwear to your session, please choose a length that is easy for the therapist to move or work around.


Q: Can I exercise before or after my massage?
As long as there aren’t any injuries or issues of concern, it’s up to you. Some people like to appreciate the effects of the massage before putting their body through another workout, bet we get it if you have a schedule you need to stick with. If you are coming to your appointment from a workout, we politely request a courtesy shower.

Q: How long should I come in for?

It really depends on your body and how much attention you want on certain areas. Typically our 60 minute clients choose 2-3 areas to focus on, or one half of the body with more detail. 90 minutes gives you the therapist more time to allow the muscles to warm up and make more full body progress. 30 minutes is usually for those that are short on time, or are looking for focus on just one area. If you’re not sure, just ask your therapist’s recommendation.

Q: Am I going to be sore?

After the initial session, most clients feel soreness for a couple of days. After 2 or 3 visits the body learns to adapt to the bodywork we do and responds much better. Usually it’s the same feeling you would have after a hard workout, as we are changing the quality of the muscle tissue.

Q: Should I tip, and how much?

Tips are certainly not required, but graciously accepted. We have clients that do and some that don’t. Those that do vary from $10-20 depending on the length of the service.